Welcome to Midtown Detroit

Midtown is Detroit’s cultural hub—with some of the best galleries and museums, including the world-class Detroit Institute of Arts, the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit (MOCAD), the C.H. Wright Museum of African American History, the Detroit Historical Museum and the Michigan Science Center. The Detroit Symphony Orchestra is also located here.

It also boasts a vibrant blend of housing—historical and new construction, affordable and luxurious, townhouses and lofts.

The neighborhood has great restaurants, bars, cafes, shops, nightlife, plus the city’s educational institutions including Wayne State University, the College for Creative Studies, as well as the presence of Lawrence Tech University, Michigan State University and the University of Michigan. The city’s medical institutions are also located here: the Henry Ford Health System, Karmanos Cancer Institute and the Detroit Medical Center.

Each year, Midtown Detroit offers an increasingly diverse mix of arts and cultural events, expanding green spaces and alleys, and nonprofit organizations—all contributing to the establishment of Midtown Detroit as a destination spot.

Noel Night Map

Noel Night activities take place in Midtown Detroit, from Ferry Street to the north, Mack to the south, St. Antoine to the east and Third Avenue to the west. Woodward Avenue is open this year--it will not be closed down, and the QLine will be operational. There is free shuttle service that runs continually between parking decks and participating venues, as well as plenty of parking in area lots and structure.

Click on the map to download a PDF.

Directions to Midtown from the Major Freeways

For those visitors coming from the north and south driving on I-75, we encourage you to use an alternative exit rather than the Warren Avenue exit to avoid the high volume of traffic on Noel Night. In addition, we encourage people to avoid driving into Midtown on John R as it gets backed up every year due to traffic.

Please see the directions below for suggested driving routes.

Driving Southbound/Northbound I-75 (Chrysler Freeway)

1  Take the Mack Avenue Exit 52.
2  Turn left onto Mack Avenue and drive west five blocks to Woodward Avenue.

Driving Southbound/Northbound M-10 (The Lodge)

1  Take the Forest/Warren Avenue Exit 3.
2  Turn left on Forest (which is one-way heading east).
3  Drive east four blocks to Woodward Avenue.

Best Bets for Parking at Noel Night

Each year at Noel Night, we experience traffic gridlock in the Midtown district—resulting in 1 hour + delays for visitors in their pursuit to find parking. This year will be no different. Wayne State University Police will be out assisting with traffic control this year; however, we want to ensure that each visitor has the best experience possible during the short five hours of this amazing event. Please take the following recommendations into consideration:


This includes for parking and the performance that you want to see.  In some instances, this may mean 2 hours early.


This is the first year that Woodward will be completely open on Noel Night. Please Note:  The Woodward Avenue Bandstand will be located on Wayne State University's campus at the corner of Woodward and Warren Avenues.

We also encourage people to avoid driving into Midtown on John R--every year it gets backed up due to the volume of traffic.


It is better to park in one of the structures on the outskirts of the event footprint and walk towards Woodward Avenue—a 10-15 minute walk is better than being stuck in traffic for 1 hour or more. Not only will you get a good workout, but you will also be able to access the highways quicker on departure, rather than if you parked in the heart of the district. Make sure to also dress warm and in layers.


Unless you're one of the lucky ones and have a complimentary parking pass or find free parking on the streets (a rarity!), please be prepared to pay anywhere between $7-10 for parking in the structures.  Those parking structures closest to the Detroit Institute of Arts generally charge $10. Please see our recommendations below for best places to park.


It’s best to just avoid this situation. Park only in parking structures or lots that are well marked and secured, or on streets that have signage that clearly indicate the rules for parking there.

Recommended Parking Structures & Lots

Expect to pay anywhere between $7-12 for parking in Midtown Detroit. There is metered parking on the street, but it will be difficult to come by during Noel Night.

  • Detroit Institute of Arts Parking Lot | Cash + Credit Card
    Located on John R. St., south of Kirby St. and north of Warren Ave., across from the DIA.

  • Wayne State University Parking Structure 1 | Credit Card Only
    450 W. Palmer

  • Wayne State University Parking Structure 3 | Credit Card Only
    45 E. Warren

  • Wayne State University Parking Structure 6 | Cash + Credit Card
    61 Putnam

  • Wayne State University Parking Structure 7 | Credit Card Only
    Mack/John R

  • Wayne State University Parking Structure 8 | Cash + Credit Card
    91 W. Forest

  • Wayne State University Parking Lot 23 | Credit Card Only
    38 W. Palmer

  • Wayne State University Parking Lot 32 | Credit Card Only
    475 W. Palmer

  • Wayne State University Parking Lot 33 | Credit Card Only
    5521 Woodward

  • Wayne State University Parking Lot 35 | Credit Card Only
    5555 John R

  • Wayne State University Parking Lot 72 | Credit Card Only
    4510 Cass

  • Wayne State University Parking Lot 75 | Credit Card Only
    545 E. Canfield

  • Woodward Gardens Parking Structure | Cash Only
    25 W. Alexandrine


DDOT Line 4 (Woodward) runs Saturdays, 24-hrs with stops every 10 minutes during the day at every 30 minutes in the evening. For more information on DDOT’s route 4, visit here.

The SMART FAST route for Woodward offers limited stops and connects the suburbs to downtown quickly and easily.  The new high-frequency service travels along Woodward and only stops at designated FAST stops. Stops are on nearly every block, about every mile and buses come every 15 minutes. The route operates 7 days a week, even late-nights and weekends.

Also visit the Transit Guide: Detroit for additional information on transit options in Detroit.

Lyft is the Ridesharing Partner of Noel Night


LYFT is the ridesharing partner of NoelNight! Visit: https://www.lyft.com/invite/noelnight or apply the code NOELNIGHT for a discount. Limited quantity available. 25% off your next ride. You have 1 ride remaining. Max savings of $5 per ride. Discount applies to fare and Prime Time charges only. Valid between Dec 1, 2018 and Dec 2, 2018. Pickup must be within the Detroit coverage area. Cannot be combined with other ride credit or offers. Subject to Lyft's Terms of Use. Don't waste a precious minute of this short 5-hour event--use Lyft and avoid the hassle of parking a car in Midtown Detroit.

Take the QLINE


The QLINE is a 6.6-mile circulating streetcar loop serving 12 locations on Woodward Ave. from Downtown Detroit through Midtown, New Center and the North End. For fares and more information, visit qlinedetroit.com. The QLINE stops located within the DLECTRICITY footprint are:  Ferry St., Warren Ave., Canfield St and Matin Luther King Blvd./Mack Ave.