Simone DeSousa Gallery

444 W. Willis Street
Detroit, MI 48201

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On view in the Simone DeSousa Gallery:

“A Painting Show”
Opening Reception: Saturday, December 2, 7-10 pm (in conjunction with Midtown’s Noel Night)
On exhibition through December 23, 2017

For our annual end-of-year group exhibition, Simone DeSousa Gallery presents “A Painting Show,” including gallery artists and invited artists in a total of 24 artists presenting works that relate to each artist’s interpretation of what constitutes a “painting.”

Participating Artists:

Jim Chatelain  |  James Collins  |  Iris Eichenberg |  Brenda Goodman |  Megan Heeres  |  Kuperus & Miller  |  Addie Langford  |  Faina Lerman  |  Michael Luchs  |  Nicole MacDonald |  John Maggie  |  Melanie Manos  |  Anthony Marcellini  |  Nancy Mitchnick  |  Mark Newport |  Sharon Que  |  George Rahme  |  Adam Shirley  |  Kate Silvio |  Ian Swanson  |  Cedric Tai |  Timothy van Laar  |  Alison Wong

On view at Simone DeSousa EDITION:

Now through December 23, 2017

Simone DeSousa EDITION is pleased to present MoreLand. Organized by Iris Eichenberg and Sarah Turner, MoreLand takes its inspiration from an essential community stronghold, a site of function, curiosity and learning: the hardware store.  For MoreLand, 24 art, craft, and designed-based makers were invited to reimagine the things they love in hardware stores. While the makers are international – working in seven countries, but regularly traveling and collaborating in many more – MoreLand reveals a universal love for what is straightforward, functional and direct.

Participating Artists: Kat Burdine, Eunji Choi, Terry Conrad, Iris Eichenberg, Fabio J. Fernández, Chitra Gopalakrishnan, Ken Gray, Gésine Hackenberg, Esther Knobel, Travis Lewis, Myra Mimlitsch Gray, Eija Mustonen, Gitte Nygaard, Suzanne Pugh, Alexis Richards, Ellie Richards, Nadège Roscoe-Rumjahn, Jovencio de la Paz, David Schafer / Studio Make, Alberte Tranberg, Robert Turek, Sarah Turner, Studio Gorm (John and Wonhee Arndt)

Book Signing for Detroit: The Dream Is Now with photographer Michel Arnaud, a fundraiser for Write A House

Saturday, December 2, 4:00-5:00 p.m.

Detroit: The Dream Is Now is a visual essay on the rebuilding and resurgence of the city of Detroit by photographer Michel Arnaud, co-author of Design Brooklyn. Arnaud aims his lens at the emergent creative enterprises and new developments taking hold in the still-vibrant city. The book explores Detroit’s rich industrial and artistic past while giving voice to the dynamic communities that will make up its future. The first section provides a visual tour of the city’s architecture and neighborhoods, while the remaining chapters focus on the developing design, art, and food scenes through interviews and portraits of the city’s entrepreneurs, artists, and makers. 

Write A House is a Detroit-based 501(c)3 focused on affordable housing for creatives in the literary community. Learn more about one of our residents here: